Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


The book is written by Gillian Fynn and was published in June 2012. It was on the New York times best selling list for eight weeks. During the first year published, it sold over two million copies. It will also have a movie adaptation which will premiere on September 26th in US (October 3rd in the Scandinavian countries).

Nick and Amy Dunne has been married for five years when Amy disappears on the day of the anniversary. The living room show signs of fighting, and Nick is acting really weird during the investigations. Nick swears his innocence, even though he keeps picturing Amy wounded at the kitchen-floor. At the same time as the investigation goes on, he tries to solve the traditional treasure hunt Amy has made for him in honor of their wedding anniversary, hoping it will have some clues about what has happened.

This book is really special. I though it was a little slow and boring at the start, during the character developments and something was off… I did not quite get the main characters. Then, everything made sense and just like that, the book became one of the coolest I’ve read in a while. I spent two weeks reading the first 150 pages or so, and then I spent one night reading the rest of it. For me, this book has a lot to offer. Unreliable narration, plot twist, surprises, small pieces of a puzzle that becomes clearer and clearer in ways you did not think it would, and of course; An ending I did not suspect.

This being said, I sadly have some mixed feelings about the characters in this book, and that ruins it a little bit for me. Normally I care for the characters, but during the whole book there was close to no one I really cared about. If something, I think I actually liked the antagonist the most, which just feels odd because I don’t think you’re supposed to at all. This is probably because I don’t really like the protagonist. It’s hard to say anything without spoiling, but I just never cared a lot about this person, and the person also did some things I did not like. Another issue is that I had a strange feeling about the main characters during the beginning, and I think the book would have been much better and much more surprising if I did not have that feeling. I’m saying that Gillian Flynn should have convinced me that everything was like it was supposed to be, but she didn't quite make it. Then again, I have absolutely no idea how she could have written it better than she did.

Despite these things, it is a very good book and the author has done a brilliant, sneaky job. I enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to see the movie, hoping they have not changed a thing from the book. This is a book for everyone who likes the crime and thriller genres, and wants something different from other books. I’d guess the suitable age is 20-60…

I Enjoyed it and the author has done a really good job on the plot, but for the reasons I mentioned I just did not like it as much as I wish I did.

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