Annabel by Lauren Oliver

I know that I was probably not supposed to read Annabel before Delirium, but I just wanted to start with the short story before starting the trilogy. So, because it's just a short story, there's not much to tell - but I wanted to share what I felt while reading it.

First of all, the language Lauren Oliver uses in this short story is really good, I like the way she uses different comparisons to connect one meaning to another. I also like the way she goes from "now" and "then." It gets more exciting, and obviously it makes me want to read whatever's happening next. I felt like I got to know Annabel before I got to know Lena, the main character in the Delirium trilogy.

I also like the fact that I got to know more about Lena's mother and father for that sake before it all started in Delirium. I also think that because of the fact that I read "Annabel" before starting Delirium, the whole mystery around Lena's mother was kind of "gone" and therefore, maybe a little more boring?

Anyways, I liked it, and I read it in about 50 minutes, so it's a short story.


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