It's still crazy that all of this happened during three days...

Tore Renberg is a famous writer (and also a musician and literary critic) from Norway. He's most known for his books about Jarle Klepp, several of them being adapted into norwegian movies. See You Tomorrow is the first book in the teksas-series, and was first published the 25th of October 2013 in Norway. It's the story about a whole bunch of people living in Stavanger, and how their lives connect to each other's during a few October days.

Pål has a shameful secret that has dragged him into huge debt, and he is desperate that his teenage daughters and ex-wife don't find out. Sixteen-year-old Sandra also has a secret. She's in love with the delinquent Daniel William, a love so strong and pure that nothing can get in its way. Cecilie has the biggest secret of them all, a baby growing inside her. But she's trapped in her small-time, criminal existence, and dreams of an escape from it all. Over three fateful September days, these lives cross in a whirlwind of brutality, laughter, tragedy, and love that will change them forever.

Before I started to read, I thought it would be hard to read about so many main characters at the same time. I thought that I would mix them and it would all be chaotic. That never happened. The book is divided in chapters with one main character in focus in each chapter, and that made it easy to keep on reading because I constantly wanted to know what would happen with everyone of them. Each and every character in this book is both interesting and very well made; everything they do makes sense and stay true to their characteristics and they're all just genuinely fascinating in their own special way.

The way Renberg manages to connect all of them together in this story is amazing.

This is a book with not only one major story, but several different stories in one. You hear about the typical youth-problems like finding yourself, discovering who you are, the first romance and how strong it feels. It's a story about family, and how to stay together as one, and how to manage when problems come. It's a story about people that have been fucked up their whole life, about the different one. It is impossible not to relate or at least understand several of the characters, although some of them does some really stupid things.

All in all, this was truly hard to put down And I'm really pleased with how we get to know all these different persons and that they are all so deeply developed. The story in itself is believable, stays true thorought it all and was really exciting as well. I finished it much faster than I though I would.

Read 29th of October to 12th of November 2015

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