A New year!


The last time I wrote an update here, it was the end of November and I was working on my exams and just moved home. It's been a while, in other words.

I'm pleased to tell you that I got a B on that exam and I had the most wonderful month ever back home! I got a Christmas-job at Norli, my favorite bookstore in Harstad, and I was at work almost every day during December. That felt absolutely wonderful, and I got to know a bunch of great people that worked there too.

I spent Christmas at my dad's, and the days after Christmas at my mom's. Then I finished my vacation celebrating New Years eve with all my friends from Harstad! During December, I also had a lot of nice days being out with my friends, eating at restaurants and just catching up with everyone and finally be able to spend some real time with them all without having to rush it, as I always have to because I'm never home this long.

I got a lot of books for Christmas, which I'm looking so much forward to read!

Also, I've bought "The 5th Wave" and "The Infinite Sea" by Rick Yancey. Now I'm about halfway through the 5th Wave and so far I absolutely love the book and can barely put it away!
After New Year's Eve, I moved back to Bodø to finish my bachelor degree in Journalism. We just got started this week, and I've realized that it's going to be a pretty hard semester considering everything we have to do and all of the studying... But it's okay, I can manage.

I'm living together with Synnøve, Ewa and a girl named Marie in this beautiful apartment, so I think that it's going to be a really great semester when it comes to the social part! And hey, check out my new room:

I love it so much! I've brought about seven books, and next time I go back to Harstad I'll swap out the ones I've read with new ones from my storage at home. That way, I'll hopefully get to read some of the books I actually own instead of buying new ones instead (heheh...)

We have our first exam in February, which is so damn soon I can't even begin to describe how much I wished we had at least one more month to study before it happens... I just had an exam, god dammit. So, I'll probably (hopefully) spend a lot of time studying the next weeks. But, I'm also working on a review of Golden Son, the second book in the Red Rising trilogy. I'll probably finish the 5th wave any day as well, so hopefully there will be a review of that one as well very soon. 

And now that I'm not on vacation and my days are way more structured, I'll be sure to post here more often! We've set new goals of how many books to read this year, and we have created a whole new challenge for this year (check it out HERE), so I'm really motivated to both read a lot and work with this blog!

I'll write again soon!

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