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In general
Our blog started out as a place for both Marlene and Ida Elise to remember which books we've read, and also a place where we can write our own reviews and gather them on one place. We both have Goodreads accounts, but we thought that it would be more fun to blog about it - and that was how this whole blog started. We're hoping that our reviews will help you find your next book-crush, someone to fan girl/boy over, and maybe follow our progress through life!

This means that we either didn't finish the book, or that we thought it was so bad that we won't even consider promoting it for our friends.

This means that the book wasn't really good, but we got through it and our final thoughts were: At least I've read the damn book

This means that it was a good book, but that there probably was a few things that we didn't really like. 

This means that it was a good book, and that we really liked it. Meaning; we didn't absolutely love it, but we liked it a lot. 

This means that it was a book that we could absolutely read several times more and that we loved it. 

When we write reviews we write them based on our own opinions. We don't promote books, and everything is as we said, based on our honest opinions about the books. We like to talk about the books and our opinions, and therefore there can be a spoiler or two in the books if it has a lot to say about our opinion. We're working to make these spoilers a little easier to spot so that you can easily jump over them while reading! We don't want to be bad people giving you bad reviews.

Guest Reviews
We're looking for someone who wants to guest review on our page and we would love for you to write us a mail or just comment below so we can contact you. We're open for any kinds of reviews on any kinds of books, so it's really up to you. If you've read a book that you want to review, just contact us and we'll go through it and post it!

Read in 201*
We wanted to kind of list up all the books we're read during one year, just to A) make it easier for you to find the review you're looking for. B) to show you guys like a list of what we actually read, because some books don't get reviews. C) Because we have a reading-goal on Goodreads, to finish some amount of books a year so it'll give our readers some info about how far we've come during that year to our goal.

Currently Reading
We try to update this page as fast as we start a new book, so if you're wondering what we're reading, this is the place you can go to see that. Both Marlene and Ida Elise normally read two books at a time, one E-Book and one printed book.



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