Book review: The fault in our stars by John Green


We all know about Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters and their journey to fight cancer. It’s pretty much all over the place after the adapted movie under the same name was released not so long ago. I read the book pretty much a year ago when a friend of mine borrowed it to me after I heard some good stuff about the book. Pretty much everyone said: You NEED to read this book. 

Hazel is pretty much a normal kid except from the fact that her and her sidekick (her oxygen tank) go to Cancer Kid Support Group where she meets this gorgeous plot twist August Waters - a guy who once survived cancer and has like half-a-leg to prove it.

Through their really weird talking (they sound like they’re like a hundred-and-five years old), and they fall in love and have this weird relationship that some think is cute, and some just thinks is really weird. (I’m like right in the middle). It’s a story about cancer, and it’s a story about love. The two combined brings out tears, goofy sounds and inevitable crying after you’ve finished it. For me it was all about those fantastic literal sayings throughout the book that has stuck with me ever since. Like “I fell in love with you the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once” or “That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt”. Now, John Green is like the God of love, whenever you want to read a book that’s going to make you really believe in love and that one true love and soulmate, read his books. But I warn you, he’s so damn good with plot twists.

I have to say, I was positive about the book and I had no IDEA that the ending was going to be the way it was. There’s like no warnings AT ALL. I’ve also just purchased “Looking for Alaska” by John Green, and I CAN’T wait to read it. Anyways, the books is pretty good, the characters development and their love for each other is pretty much heartbreaking, and the all too good quotes in this book will be stuck with you FOREVER. I can't really say more than for you to actually read the book and not only watch the movie, because the book is not as cheesy as the movie.

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