Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen


First of all, it’s a weird book. It’s written without the typical 1, 2, 3... chapters, and it kind of tells you a story that happened, not something that is happening right now. We look through the eyes of Susanna Kaysen, the author; and the person this biography is about.

Set in 1967, after a session with a psychiatrist she’d never seen before, eighteen-year-old Susanna Kaysen was put in a taxi and sent to McLean Hospital. She spent most of the next two years on the ward for teenage girls in a psychiatric hospital as renowned for its famous clientele, as for its progressive methods of treating those who could afford its sanctuary.

I’d seen the movie that was made of the book and I loved it, so when I saw that we had it at the library where I’m working I figured that I was going to read this book now that I had the chance.

I’ve never really liked biographies and books like that, but I kind of liked this one, probably because of Kaysen’s of describing how she felt, and being exposed to a facility like this; I can kind of relate to what Kaysen was feeling; I have to get out of here, I might not be crazy now, but these people will make me crazy. But I was proven wrong, and so was Kaysen after a while in McLean Hospital.

She met so many interesting people, and her way of describing them; to describe them to us so that we can get to know them just as good as she gets to know them, I love it.

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