Ida's Weekly update (although it's about the past two weeks)

Hi! I did'nt post an update last week because the past two weeks have been aboslutely crazy and I never made the time for it. Sorry about that...

First of all, I finally finished "Trigger Warning"! Definetly one of the most speical books I've read (you can read my review HERE). It's so much to write about that book that I actually had to stop myself from writing anymore, since half the fun of the book is to read it yourself.

So, what now? I've kept putting "Shantaram" on hold, wich is really sad and kind of weird because so far I really love the book and it's written in such a wonderfully brilliant way. Still, I've been reading it for almost a YEAR now (that's actually crazy...), having long pauses and reading other books instead, and I honestly can't tell you why. I considered picking it up again now that I was done with "Trigger Warning", but... King won this round.

So, now I'm currently reading "The Bachman books", starting on "The Long Walk" wich is really interesting so far. I've heard that it's really good too, so I'm excited about this one. I'm also still reading "See You Tomorrow" by Tore Renberg, wich also is pretty good and have kept me up at nights lately because I can't put it down. On top of that, I found a classic online that I've heard about before. "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London. When I found out it was avialable online I just had to read it, and now I only have a few pages left. 

That's the bookish part of the past two weeks. Except from that I've spent the time celebrating my birthday in Harstad and travelling to Oslo to celebrate my bestfriend's birthday! It's been so much fun.
My birthday is on the 1st of november, so it was only natural to throw a Halloween-party! I had the best time with so many wonderful people! I'm the one in the black and white sweater (I'm a burlgar). 

The weekend in Oslo was really wonderful as well! We went to look in all the stores, and I dragged Synnøve and Ewa to my favourite bookstore in the whole world, located at Karl Johan. It ended up being kind of sad, since I really can't afford any books at the moment, and they had so many I wanted I almost died. On the evening we had a few drinks and went out to the city and had so much fun!

On top of that, I've been writing a whole new chapter of my story, and I'm so happy that I finally am able to write after the huge writer's block I've been having. It's probably because exams are coming up (in under a month!), and since I'm supposed to study, my mind finds every reason not to.
Also, I've noticed that I write best at airports... there's just something magical about it. Everytime I'm at an airport waiting for my plane, I get a thousand ideas and just have to find my notebook and write it all down. Hopefully I'll travel a lot more in the future!

That's about it. Next weekend I'm going to a really big media conferense, and it sounds so exciting! Really looking forward to it!

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