I's Weekly Update

Hey hey!

It's weird when you've done so many things that there's suddenly a week where you don't have any plans... It's been kind of nice to, and I've spent the time working, reading and starting on my exam.

This week I also finished "See You Tomorrow" by Tore Renberg. I did'nt think I would, but I got hooked and just had to read and read and read... Expect a review of it soon!

The exam I'm taking is both easy and hard at the same time. It's a huge essay about something I experienced as difficult during the weeks at the newspaper. I know what I'm going to write about and that part is easy, but it's going to take time, escpecially since we have to mix in things we've read while studying. 

Now in the weekend I've been at a huge media conferense wich was so interesting and fun!
I learned a lot and got to listen to a lot of really interesting people, and also there was a really nice dinner.

Now I only have two weeks left in Tromsø before I'm moving home for a month, and then back to Bodø. It's weird and kind of sad... I only just got here. At the same time, it will be so nice to be home for a while. The longest I've been home since I moved away two years ago was nine days... Now, I have 30 days. Crazy! So the next couple of weeks is about giving my best and work like crazy, and also finish my exam! I'm motivated actually!

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