Guest review: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

After the events in City of Lost Souls, Sebastian begins attacking the Institutes around the world. He turns as many Shadowhunters he can with the Infernal Cup to make himself an army of Endarkened Shadowhunters. Because of these events, the Clave brings as many Shadowhunters they can to Idris so they will be safe. Conveniently placing them all in one place for Sebastian to attack. Sebastian proceeds to kidnap the Downworld representatives, Luke, Magnus, Raphael and also Jocelyn. In order to get them back, Sebastian demands that the Clave have to give him Jace and Clary. When the Clave discusses what to do, Jace, Clary, Isabelle, Alec and Simon takes matter in their own hands and finds out where Sebastian is hiding. Edom, a demon realm, where everything is a wasteland and no Shadowhunter ever have come out alive. After a while they discover that this realm is a parallel universe and they are in a destroyed Alicante where Shadowhunters are no longer around.

They finally find Sebastian and the prisoners and Clary manages to kill Sebastian with the help of the heavenly fire. They also destroy the Infernal Cup which makes all the Endarkened die, which is convenient because the Endarkened is attacking the real life Alicante. To get back home, Magnus has to summon his father, Asmodeus. The price is that Asmodeus takes Simon’s immortality and also his memories of the Shadowhunter world. Which also includes his memories of his friends. They get back to Idris, without Simon who is brought back to his house where he lives a normal Mundane life for a little while. He starts to remember and the book ends with everyone together again at Luke’s and Jocelyn’s wedding.

This was by far the best book in this series in my opinion. It was an emotional roller-coaster from beginning to end and the story took paths that I had not foreseen. It was also interesting to get the perspective of Emma Carstairs in the middle of all the madness. Because this book was madness, there was always something happening (which was something I think lacked in the other books). This series have had a way to build up for a very long time so I have found it boring at times, but this was not the case for this book. When I had a couple of chapters left I was not liking the path of the story but luckily the story changed and it was indeed a happy ending. But I felt that the ending could have been better. I would have loved to have gotten a look at them a couple of years afterwards because the book ended not long after they had gotten back to normal.

But this is absolutely a good last chapter to this series and I have loved it. Definitely worth checking out!


Love from Helene

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