About us

Marlene and Ida = Marlida
@bymarlida (instagram)
We're pretty sure all of you have that one friend that you feel could have been your sister or brother. The universe just didn't want you to be together as siblings, so it brought you together as friends. We're sisters, only not sisters. 

We're both from a place called Harstad, which is in Norway, the northern part to be exact (No, we don't have polar bears and penguins walking the streets). We're currently living separated, but we plan to be rejoined in the summer of 2016 when we're moving in together in Gjøvik (It's in the southern parts of Norway), which is going to be amazing!

Ida Elise | @idaeliiise (instagram), idaelise (goodreads)
Marlene | @marleqe (instagram), bibliophilem (goodreads)

Guest blogging
Helene | @helenuu (instagram)
Helene is a mutual friend of Ida and Marlene, and just the same kind of book lover as them. She mostly reads books that Marlene loves, but she's currently a faster reader than Marlene.



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