A weekly update

(Yes, these pictures were taken in a dark room with my iphone-camera, so they're not pretty... At all..)

We decided that we wanted to give everyone a weekly update on what we're reading and maybe something about what we're doing, making this blog a little more personal and a little less book-review only kind-of-blog. 
This weekend I'm in my hometown, and because my mom's a evening-sleeper, I decided to start this book, which is a book I've seen a hundred instagram-posts about. So I bought all three, and started this today. 

I'm actually currently on like page 100-and-something, and I'm actually loving it. I was scared it was going to be the typical cliché book about love and all that, but I'm loving the main character Anna, and for that matter; St. Claire. 
I think it's sweet and kind of inspirational if you're like me and loves to write as much as I read, so this book is absolutely worthy some hours of your life! 

For those of you who have been wondering about this blog and everything in it, it's run by me; Marlene A, who's studying graphic design and Ida Elise who's studying journalism. We're both big book-lovers and figured out that we wanted to start reviewing the books we were reading because we're both kind of bad at remembering what we've read and when - and sometimes, it's a lot of fun to show friends and family!

I hope you guys like this new weekly update, I don't know how we're going to do it, but we're hoping to continue posting these with the books we're reading and stuff like that!

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