A weekly update

As Marlene told in the last post, we're starting with weekly updates! I'm looking forward to them, and think this will be a fun way of keeping you guys updated on what's going on.

So, three weeks ago I moved to Tromsø to work in Nordlys (the newspaper) as a part of our education programme. It's been really exciting, but also very stressfull since I'm still very new to it and want to do as good as possible. But, between work and studies and settling in a new town, I've found some times to read a little now and then

I'm currently reading Neil Gaiman's "Trigger Warning", wich is a collection of "short stories and disturbances". I bought it when I was in Gjøvik, and so far I'm very pleased! I have a thing for short stories because it is so fitting during stressfull weeks. Often when I start on books, I can't put it aside and usually finish it in three days or so, but with short story collections I can read one and put the book aside for some days without freaking out about "what's going to happen in the next chapter?!" So it suits me just fine now during these first weeks in Tromsø.
So far, I've read "Making a Chair", "A Lunar Labyrinth" and "The thing about Cassandra". Next, I'm starting on "Down to a Sunless Sea". I'm actually really looking forward to write the review for this one, because it's so much that fascinates me (and I'm not even halfway!).

Also, I borrowed a new book from the e-library yesterday

 "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" by Jesse Andrews. I've seen the trailer for the movie that recently came out, and thought it looked really cute. So when I discovered that the book was available at the e-library, I thought it could be nice to read it first. Also, it's nice to have a book on the Iphone. It's so much easier to read on the bus or whenever I'm not home. So, I'm looking forward to start on this one as well!

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