Weekly Update

This has been a really weird week. My up until now biggest article (four pages long!) was published in the newspaper I'm working in, and it turned out pretty good! It's so much fun when you work really hard with things and they turn out good.

But, since karma have to balance up our life, I got sick the day it was published and have more or less been lying in bed most of the week...This has resulted in my room being more messy than it ever has been, no studying and no training... which sucks. At least being sick is a good excuse for reading a little bit!

In "trigger warning", I've now also read "Adventure Story", "Orange" and "A calendar of Tales". 
I also bought a reading-light some weeks ago that works really well! Now I never have to get out of bed ever again if I suddenly decide to read a little bit after I turned off the lights. 

I've also downloaded a new e-book in hopes of actually having something to read on the bus (and not spend half a night reading it instead...) 
Tore Renberg's "See you tomorrow". I actaully have the book, and have been wanting to read it for ages. But since my book is stored in a box in my hometown, I figured it was a sign when I found it at the e-library. So, I'm looking forward to start on this one!

The Movie vs. Book review on "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl" will, if all goes according to plan, come out in a few days. It had to be postponed because I was sick, but I have planned to be 100% up and running now, and get everything I didn't do last week done by the end of this one!

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