Hana by Lauren Oliver

While reading the Delirium trilogy I was kind of looking forward to these short stories about the different characters that we didn’t get a “point of view” from throughout the book. First there was Annabel, Lena’s mother - and then we got Hana, Lena’s best friend.

Hana wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be, I mean, the things happening in this short story was pretty much the same that happened in Delirium - so it was kind of like reading the same things over again, just from another person’s perspective. The other thing was that Hana was my favorite character, she went beyond Lena, and still, when I read the last line in this short story she ended being that to me.

What I love about author’s giving life to supporting characters like this is that we get to know the characters a little bit more. In Requiem, the last book I’m reading right now, we have a parted point of view, which means that every other chapter is from someone else’s point of view instead of Lena’s. (I’m not going to spoil who it is though).

I guess we can draw lines between these short stories to Veronica Roth’s Four book, which is a series of short stories from Four’s point of view (if you haven’t read the book I’m seriously telling you to so, because it’s important), and Four’s point of view is kind of important. Just like Hana’s point of view is in these books.


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