Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

After I read Hana, I started on Pandemonium the same night. Now this has been my favorite book of the trilogy so far because it’s so much more action filled and it’s got me sitting on the tip of my toes reading. Which is what I really love about reading books. That anxiety and that feeling of being scared to what’s going to happen next.

Pandemonium goes kind of deeper into the wild, who’s there, how does Lena start building her life there? What is she doing? And the thing I love about this book is the way Lauren Oliver actually writes this book in “now” and “then” instead of putting it into chapters.

The “Now” and “Then” building makes me keep reading even though I should have been in bed two hours ago. It’s really exciting, and the way Lena transforms in this book is mandatory for the rest of the series (or at least that’s what I think). The exciting part is also that there are some new characters introduced, characters that are also kind of important for Lena’s life and how it’s going to be, in the “end”.

Now, this book also introduces us to more of the society, the DFA, which is the disease control people who believe in a disease free America. Now, when Lena’s life dramatically transforms in Delirium at the end, this book kind of swoops us over for her new love-interest, who’s kind of a big deal. It also takes us into the world of Delirium, outside Portland and where Lena was brought up, and into this whole new place of people.

★★★★☆ because this book is more what I would like the whole trilogy to be, more exciting and action filled. It shows us that Lauren Oliver can do better, and I think that this books shows exactly who she could be as a writer.

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