Raven by Lauren Oliver

In Pandemonium we’re introduced to this mysterious character called Raven, we don’t know much about her, only that her name is Raven and that she’s a somewhat leader of the Invalids in the Wilds.

Raven becomes really important in Pandemonium, and we kind of understand Lena and Raven’s connection, that they’re sort of like sisters. And in this book, called Raven, we actually get to know more about her backstory. About why she eventually called Blue, Blue. Why she’s the way she is, why she came to the Wilds. Everything kind of seems clear when we read this book.

This book is also put in this position when Lena goes into the place where Julian is about to be killed, and she’s there to ultimately save Lena AND Julian. She and Tack, Raven’s girlfriend is working together to get Raven on the inside so that she can make sure that Lena gets out safe.

I have to say that after loosing faith in Hana, I immediately found comfort in Raven, and she was kind of the reason I wanted to keep going, I wanted to know if she and Tack would find a place out in the Wilds together, have a bunch of cute kids and be like the happiest people alive, so that’s why I kept on going into Requiem, because I can honestly say that I wasn’t really intrigued by reading another book in this trilogy.


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