The Prince by Kiera Cass

I wanted to know what the Selection series was all about, so I eventually got the first short story in the series and started reading it just the other night. There’s been so much fuzz about this series on instagram, so I wanted to know if this was really something I would like.

My first impression was that this was a weird dystopian series, I mean, it’s like a dystopian “The Bachelor”. Thirty-four girls are picked to come to the castle and fight to become the princess. Everyone gets a make over so that there won’t be differences, and eventually are introduced to the prince himself. Who’s super shallow and seems like a jerk.

Now, we get to meet America, who’s probably be the girl he ends up with in the end, or at least she’s the one he’s going to fall in love with because that’s just pointed out during the 64 pages of this short story. And America is only a five, and the king wants his son to have at least a 2. So.. The Prince’s in trouble.

I don’t want to slaughter this series, because I was kind of tipped off by the whole idea, I guess that I will be reading this soon, but I won’t be stressing about it. I know there’s a lot of people who think that this series is amazing, and that it just blows their minds, so I’m going to read the series with an open mind when I get that far.


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