Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Dystopia. Science fiction. Young adult. How could I possibly think this would not be a book I would love? How could I think that this would be a boring book not suited for me? It’s been a long time since I’ve underestimated a book this much...

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Darrow is a Red. He works as a miner in the interior on Mars and his purpose in life is to, together with all the other miners, extract enough elements for it to be able to live on Mars. The earth is dying, and humanity needs a place to stay. It all depends on the miners on Mars.

That is what Darrow and all the other miners have been told their whole life. But Darrow discovers that it is all a lie; Mars have been inhabited for generations by people who believe in class systems and look at the Red as slaves.

Together with a group of mysterious rebels, Darrow decides to disguise himself as a Gold, the people at the top of the system, and join their school in hopes off advancing to an elite job at the top and take them all down from the inside. With a mission that could release all of his family and friends from eternal slavery, Darrow will do anything to succeed. He is ready. And he is angry.

This book took me by surprise from page one. I was instantly curious about how they lived and how this world was like. Then when things started happening, I couldn't put the book away. There hasn't been one dull moment throughout the whole book, and the character development Darrow goes through is so interesting and exciting. It's funny at the right places as well.

And finally, we have a main character who serve a purpose not only for the sake of being a hero, but for reasons of his own. Finally we have a main character who actually has a real personality and a human mind. A main character who makes mistakes, who gets angry and who I don't feel has only been put there for the sake of progressing the story. Darrow is real. And I am completely in love. I haven't been this pleased with a main character sine Tris from divergent.

I've actually promised myself to stop buying books for a while, both because I have to read the ones I already have and because I seriously haven't got more space (as of right now, I have piles on the floor because my bookshelf is full), but this needs to be in my bookshelf. It belongs there. And I seriously can't wait to start on the sequel.

I was going to have a little bit about what could have been better, since you're supposed to be a little critical in reviews, but I can't honestly think of anything that I didn't like about the book. Just, thank you, Pierce Brown, for writing this amazing work of yours, and thank you for making it a trilogy so that I can vanish into this world a little bit more.

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