October Wishlist


If you haven't noticed it yet, I'm a huge fan of Stephen King and have decided that I will both own and read every single one of his books. For the ocotber wishlist, I've put three of those I'm missing in my collection,

Insomnia: It's funny because my Stephen King addiction all started when I "stole" a Stephen King book from my mom's bookshelf (it was the short story collection "four past midnight" and I went on and on about how the langoliers made sense to everyone I talked to for weeks...), and when I was done, me and my mom started talking about his books, and she remembered one in particular to be the greatest: Insomnia. This is about 10 years ago today, and it's really time to check out if it is as good as she says it is. After all, she was the one to introduce me to Stephen King, so I'm guessing it is!

The Green Mile: I've purposesly chosen to not see the movie, because I'm determined to read it first. It's really time to do that now. 

Blaze: This one just seems really interesting, and I've been looking at it for a while now and decided to put it up front on my Stephen King "to-read" list


"His Dark Materials" by Phillip Pullman. One of the most adoarble, beautiful, sad, amazing triology I've ever read. I read them when I was a kid, about 12 og 13 years old I think, and it's a must in my bookshelf. I really, really want to read them again, and I really, really need them to be in my bookshelf. They belong there.

The Ultimate Hitchikers guide to the galazy by Douglas Adams. I've been hearing so much about this that I just have to read them. This edition hold all of the five novels in one volume, so it would be genius to have that one in my bookshelf as well. 


I read Red Rising a while back and was really surprised by how much I liked it (you can read the review HERE). So now, it's time to start on the sequel! And based on the first book, my guess is that both of them, and the third and last books as weel, belong in my bookshelf. 

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