Weekly Update

(This is Eldorado Bokhandel which is in Oslo. A giant cinema made into a bookstore categorized by publishing. It was beautiful. And I used A LOT of money there)

This week has been crazy! I mean crazy busy! First of all I had to hand in an essay on Monday, whilst I was working in the library, which was crazy busy because they've been changing some alarm systems making people angry because they had to walk out another door instead of the front door. This was also the case on Tuesday, but it was rather quiet at work that day, so I got to do some blog-stuff.

Which brings me to all the new things that I've been working on in here. All the new categories, it's so much fun! And to be honest, I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel with this blog. I think people are starting to notice it, and it's showing in the views! 

I've had a friend over for over a week, so it's been too little time left over for reading, but I've tried to do it every night before I go to sleep. I'm halfway done with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which is an amazing book and also one of the books I'm totally going to read for my children one day. I also started Cinder in the Lunar Chronicles the other day, which is exciting! 

(This is a bookstore called ARK in Oslo, where I also spent too much money)

I've got some christmas shopping over with, and I've fixed a new user at fanfiction.net, so if anyone's into that stuff, just comment below and I'll find you in there! I feel like this week has gone by so quickly, and it's so sad because soon it's exams... Which is going to result in less book-reading and more curriculum-reading. I'm putting in a sad face because that's what I look like right now: :( 

Yeah, a screenshot of the book, which is so boring... Sorry. 

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