A Weekly Update

As I told you in the last update, I'd just downloaded "Me, Earl and the dying Girl" to have something to read on at the bus. That plan went terribly wrong as I read about twenty pages on the bus, then read the rest of the book over one night.... That's what happens when I start a book, it's impossible for me to put it down... 

But, it was absolutetly worth it, and you can read the review of the book here 

I also went to my hometown this weekend and saw the movie with some friends, so I'm planning to make a movie vs. book this week! 

I've read a little more of "trigger warning" as well. Sine last time I've also read "Down to a Sunless Sea", The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains..." and "My Last Landlady". So far, so good! 

Also, I'm waiting for a book I ordered! It should be here any day. I have a "tradition" that every time I buy books for studying, I also get to buy a book I really want, and then I get to read it when I've read the study-book. Also, my bookshelf here is really empty so I've been wanting to have something new there.

All of my other 100 books or so is in boxes in my hometown... It's no point taking them all with me when I'm just living here a few months, but it's also kind of weird to not have them around... 

This also reminds me that I should probably continue on "shantaram" soon...

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