A weekly update

The last week was crazy and lazy at the same time. I finished The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which was amazing! You can read the review here. I had a week off from job number 2, so I had some spare time to actually do some school, which has also been crazy. (I've been writing an essay about typography and its history, which is so boring)

But, all though I've had a crappy week in the means of my health, I've also been able to do some reading, some writing, and I'm so happy that I actually got some time chilling done. Because things are building up to become probably the worst couple of months in my life.

I ordered "The Young Elites" and "The Rose Society" the other day, and I can't wait to get them in my bookshelves. I'm also waiting for my owlcrate box, which is going to be amazing! And I went to the cinema last night and watched Crimson Peak, which was the most beautiful film I've watched in a long time!

Regarding my reading, I've started reading Fahrenheit 451 and Cinder, both exceptional books that I'm seriously diving into right now trying to ignore the large workload I have waiting for me. I also started posting a new teen wolf fan fiction this week, which is a lot of fun - and there's a lot of cool things coming up the next couple of weeks!

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